Apply – Summer Music Festival

Step 1

Know Your Application

The application has seven different sections:

  1. Student Information
  2. Parent / Guardian Information
  3. Contact Information
  4. Programs, Electives, and Recreation
  5. Scholarship
  6. Audition Recordings
  7. Application Fee
  8. Terms and Conditions

Each section must be completed before application can be submitted. Review our list of electives as you will have to choose two elective classes on the application. You will also have to choose from among 5 different recreational outing activities (offered through Adventures on the Gorge): Gravity Zip Lines, Tree Tops Zip Lines, Timber Trek Adventure Park, Swimming, and Disc Golf. For more information click here. Applicants interested in requesting Financial Aid can indicate their interest in Section 6. Those applicants will then be contacted with further scholarship information after the General Application has been submitted.

Step 2

Prepare your Audition material

Applicants interested in attending Coda’s Summer Music Festival must apply and submit a recorded audition before their financial assistance can be processed. Make sure your recordings are completed and ready for upload before you begin the application. This will help the process go more smoothly for you. (See audition requirements below).

Step 3

Fill out and Submit your online application

All applicants must submit a completed application and pay the non-refundable application fee if after the last deadline. The fee for submitting your application and audition will be FREE on or before May 1, 2018 and $10 thereafter. Counselor application forms will be sent to interested students after the general application has been fully submitted.

The final deadline for receipt of completed applications and audition recordings is May 31, 2018.

Audition Requirements

Please read these instructions carefully before submitting your audition recording.

Select two (2) contrasting works

  • Choose excerpts and pieces that accurately reflect your skill level and musicianship
  • Recordings must be made within 3 months of applying for the Summer Music Festival
  • Examples of contrasting works:
    • A slow piece and a fast piece
    • A work from the Baroque era and a work from the Romantic era
    • A technical study/etude and a performance piece

Select your media format. Acceptable media file types Include:

  • Any compressed digital audio or video format
    • .mp3, .mp4, .aac, h.264, .wmv, .wmv, .flac
    • File can be submitted directly through this application
    • Alternatively, file can be linked via any standard cloud-based sharing platform:
      1. Google Drive, DropBox,
    • If you upload your recordings to a cloud-based sharing system, PLEASE make sure they do not expire
  • Any online media hosting link

Record your audition. Please be sure to record yourself in a place where there is minimal distraction, such as pets, televisions, and other background sounds.

Ready to Apply??

Remember, here’s what you’ll need in order to complete your application:

  • A Paypal account so that you can pay the application fee. (contact us if you are unable to use Paypal)
  • Audition Recordings (two contrasting works)
  • Knowledge of our program offerings, list of electives, and recreational outing activities
  • Tax information if you plan to apply for financial aid (1040 tax form)
  • All other relevant information