Elective Offerings

Below is a list of all our current Elective Class offerings and their descriptions. Throughout the course of the two-week camp, students will participate two different Elective Classes, exploring a vast variety of genres, topics, and musical fields. Some are more performance oriented, while others are more geared for discussion.

Advanced Vocal Ensemble

This small vocal ensemble will rehearse and perform challenging choral music such as Renaissance madrigals and sacred polyphony. Students will learn to sing independently and work on details of blend, tuning, and phrasing. This elective is great for students with strong music-reading ability and previous vocal experience.

Bluegrass Jam Session

Bluegrass Jam Session is a chance for students to join together to jam! Students in this elective will learn Bluegrass tunes and work on developing their ears, without any sheet music! This elective is great for students of all ages and skill levels.

Careers in Music 101

Careers in Music 101 will discuss the many pathways you can take as a professional musician. Students will explore ideas and methods for building a private studio, freelancing, creating resumes, self-promotion, and more. This elective is for intermediate to advanced students who are interested in pursuing a career in music. (Most ideal for high school students, college students, and young professionals).

Church Music

Part lecture, part workshop, this class will introduce students of any instrument and level to several styles of church music, from Bach to contemporary praise and worship. Christian music has a rich history of beautiful genres and offers diverse opportunities for a musician to grow through expression and ministry. Bring your voice and instrument to fellowship and learn something new!

Electronic Music & Looping

Learn about pro audio equipment, digital audio workstation software, digital audio synthesis, and the basics of the electronic performance technique known as "looping." All skill levels are accepted for this class and no knowledge of electronic music is required. Students should be prepared, however, to explore some improvisation and creativity.

Engaging Community through Music

Learn how to create music opportunities for yourself beyond traditional performance settings, such as educational outreach, performances in the community, and chamber music. This class will also give you the ability to engage with the community in these non-traditional settings, and gain great skills that you will be able to use now, in college, and throughout your career.


Improvisation Fundamentals

This elective will cover the basics of improvisation by studying different types of scales and techniques used to jump into a jam session without any music. If you have always wanted to be able to ad-lib and get around better on your instrument, this is the elective for you!

Introduction to the Baroque Style

An introduction for students are interested in, but not familiar with the Baroque style of classical music. Students will learn how to approach Baroque music through listenings and hands-on experience with their instruments.


Music from Lord of The Rings

Come listen and learn about Howard Shore's gripping orchestral score for Peter Jackson's award-winning trilogy! In this elective, students will analyze the tunes, harmonies, and rhythms of Middle Earth, and learn how this music works with the stunning visual effects and actors' performance to communicate Tolkien's epic story.

Music Theory - Foundations

Expanding on the basics of music theory, this class will expose students to the crucial elements of note reading, rhythms, circle of fifths, basic scales (such as major, minor, and chromatic), and more. This elective is for students who have a basic understanding of music theory, such as sharps and flats, clef identification, note types, and time signatures.

Orchestral Audition Prep and Mock Auditions

Students who wish to learn more about preparing for auditions will greatly benefit from this elective class! Enrolled students will prepare orchestral excerpts commonly found on audition lists, receive critiques and helpful instruction, and perform in a mock audition at the end of the camp.

Weird Instruments 

An entertaining overview of western classical music history through the adventures and misadventures of instruments that were invented, sometimes played, and very often forgotten, including the bladder pipe, the baryton, and the octobass. This class will be taught through anecdotes, videos, primary source readings, and will often incorporate hands-on discovery suitable for all ages and levels of music students.