SMF Scholarship Information

Each year, Coda Mountain Academy Summer Music Festival provides young musicians with need based financial assistance. While resources are limited, in 2017, 83% of our students received some level of scholarship assistance. Scholarship to attend Coda Mountain Academy Summer Music Festival is available, but students will only be considered for assistance after the application and audition process is completed by the applicant. Once the student’s camp application is submitted, their financial aid form will be processed.

Students who are interested in applying for scholarship must submit a completed financial aid application. There will be a section of the general application that asks whether you are interested in receiving financial aid. Check this box, and fill out the financial aid segment. Students must provide a copy of the most recent Federal Tax Form 1040 of the applicant's parent or of the applicant, if independent in order to be considered for financial aid. There will be a place to attach this form on the application. Information provided on these forms will be kept confidential and will be destroyed once the financial assistance process has been completed. PLEASE NOTE: Incomplete Financial Aid applications will not be processed.

All students are encouraged to apply to the Summer Music Festival, regardless of personal or family financial need. Coda also recommends that students seek other possible sources of funding in their own communities as well. Suggested sources of summer study scholarships include: local youth orchestras and community music programs, area foundations which support the arts, and civic organizations which fund educational and student leadership programs. You may even want to babysit, mow lawns, walk dogs, or have a bake sale!

To apply for financial aid, follow these instructions:

  1. Begin filling out the general Summer Music Festival application. There will be a section of the application that asks whether you would like to be considered for financial aid. Select “yes”!
  2. Upon selecting “yes,” some other questions should pop up. Answer these financial aid questions.
  3. This part of the form will ask you to upload your Tax Form 1040 to the application. Attach your form and continue filling out the general application.

NOTE: Applications for financial assistance are reviewed each year, for that year only. Returning students requesting financial assistance must submit a new Application for Financial Assistance and the Tax Form 1040 each year they apply.

Select the option "Interested in Financial Aid?" towards the end of the General Student Application